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About us

about pukacoWelcome to PUKACO Group, a distinguished leader with a legacy of over a decade in Vietnam's Decorative Paint Industry. We pride ourselves on a steadfast commitment to quality, aesthetics, and staying ahead of industry trends, which has propelled the success of our prominent brands:PUKACO and dinaco.

The PUKACO brand, nationally recognized for products like Concrete Paint, Rust Paint, and Silky Concrete Paint, stands as the preferred choice for numerous projects across Vietnam. This recognition solidifies PUKACO's position as the foremost Decorative Paint brand in the country.

dinaco, born from the essence of PUKACO, sets a new standard in the clay wall finishes industry by seamlessly blending high quality, contemporary elegance, and aesthetic allure. From the luxurious sophistication of dinaco Pearl Clay to the simple yet luxurious class of dinaco Terra+ Clay, and the sustainable luxury of dinaco Eco Clay, our aim is to embody premium craftsmanship and timeless design, all while committing to a healthy lifestyle.
dinaco transcends being just a brand; it encapsulates the fusion of PUKACO heritage with a touch of 'Luxurious Sustainability.'

In the current year, PUKACO Group's vision is epitomized in PUKACO 68, known as "The Most Beautiful and Luxurious Paint Store in the World." This vision reflects our commitment to providing a unique and exceptional customer experience. Beyond aesthetics, PUKACO 68 is meticulously designed to transform every interaction into a memorable journey. From grand designs to high-quality Decorative Paint products and personalized services, we aim for a distinctive tour where unique moments converge, ensuring an unparalleled customer experience.

The creation of PUKACO 68 involved countless hours of brainstorming, careful design considerations, and extensive research on decorative materials. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the PUKACO 68 Design – a project celebrated for its luxurious beauty.

Thank you for choosing PUKACO Group – where excellence seamlessly meets elegance.

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