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—> Terra+ Clay from dinaco, with its unique advantages for interior furniture like tables and chairs, provides a comfortable feel and aesthetic appeal. Visit PUKACO 68 to witness the remarkable transformation from raw paint material to the s [...]
—> Key differences between dinaco Pearl Clay and PUKACO Concrete Paint: • Pearl Effect: • dinaco Pearl Clay: Exhibits a sparkling pearl effect, color-changing under light due to interaction with pearl essence in the paint. • P [...]
—> Thoroughly prepare the surface and use genuine PUKACO concrete paint with enhanced salt resistance for coastal areas is crucial because it helps prolong the lifespan of the surface in coastal regions, minimizing the impact of salt and env [...]
—> Using 1-2 layers of PUKACO Multipurpose Primer will significantly save costs in the long run. Improved adhesion and coverage mean less paint is needed, reducing the overall project cost. Using PUKACO Multipurpose Primer as a foundation fo [...]
—> Using dinaco Silver Wax is crucial to protect the surface from UV rays, maintain the color integrity, and ensure long-term durability for the painted wall, especially in hot and sunny locations because: • UV Protection: The coating a [...]
—> The uniqueness of Terra+ dinaco Clay Paint lies in its remarkable ability to transform from a coarse particle paint into a smooth, glossy finish on furniture. This excellent result is not only due to the unique paint formula but also the [...]
—> The presence of numerous white spots on the surface of Rust Paint after applying the protective coating can be explained by various factors such as improper surface preparation, contamination, or the use of an incompatible coating system. [...]
—> Nowadays, more and more constructions are using high-quality Effect Paints such as  PUKACO Concrete Paint or dinaco Clay Paint for flooring due to their aesthetic beauty, flexibility, durability, seamless appearance, and artistic exp [...]
—> Craftsmen prefer using PUKACO Concrete Paint for floors due to various reasons: 1. Elegant Beauty: PUKACO Concrete Paint adds a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic to the floor, providing depth, texture, and timeless appeal. 2. Versatil [...]
—> PUKACO’s warranty policy stands out with a commitment to quality enhancement. While most decorative paint companies typically offer a 5-year warranty for interior applications and a 1-year warranty for exterior walls, PUKACO proudly [...]
—> Here are some tips to improve the uniformity of the rust paint layer, achieving an authentic and visually appealing result: 1. Precise Application Technique: • Emphasize the importance of applying rust paint with precision to ensure [...]
—> Gel PUKACO’s compatibility and effectiveness stand out across various applications. Common misconceptions between regular gloss coatings and 2K gloss coatings with Gel PUKACO’s specialized product for the effect paint lead to [...]

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